Lara Trump TRAGEDY – Fans Are Devastated

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Lara Trump showed why she’s one of the most effective and compelling advocates for the President’s vision.

And she also managed to illustrate a tragedy that is one of the least talked about features of the 2020 race – the fact that Democrats have given up on the American dream.

It’s hard to imagine living in the negative, doom-and-gloom world that Democrats seem to inhabit. Take for instance, 2020 hopeful and New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio, who has accused Trump of killing the American dream.

Lara Trump isn’t taking that sitting down.

She shot back at DeBlasio:

“The reality is this president has brought the American dream back. I did hear [de Blasio] say that the American dream is gone. It’s back under President Donald J. Trump,” she said.

Lara Trump is right – high employment, a strong economy, and worldwide peace make America in 2019 a better place to live than ever before. But the real tragedy is that 50% of America refuses to see that success, simply because they hate President Trump.

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