JUST IN: Queen Elizabeth Funeral Announcement [Alert]

Queen Elizabeth II of England, who at 93 is one of the oldest monarchs in history, announced that she was attending a dear friend’s funeral over the weekend, yet another indication that the end of an era of English politics is fast approaching.

The English people should enjoy the time they have left with Elizabeth as a monarch, especially considering the politics of the next in line to the throne Prince Charles, who has actively snubbed President Trump, and posed in front of pictures of leftist dictators such as Che Guevera.

USA Today reports:

Queen Elizabeth II attended the funeral of her friend Jeanie Margaret Herbert, Countess of Carnarvon Thursday in the south-central English village of Highclere, according to Newbury Today, a local news outlet, and People.

Britons and Americans that value the special relationship between the US and Britain have cause for concern as Elizabeth’s reign nears its end.

In addition to Prince Charles’s outspoken leftism, the prince next in line after him, Prince William, has recently raised eyebrows with comments that have been interpreted as anti-Brexit.

Britain’s monarchs should remember what made Britain great in the first place – and it wasn’t Marxism or socialism.

Meanwhile, we wish the best to the Queen – her brand of quiet and tactful avoidance of political flame-throwing is a rare thing these days.

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