The media’s attempts to create “scandals” attacking and discrediting the Trump family have become truly pathetic at this point. The latest brouhaha is “Stilettogate” — the media just can’t stop talking about … Melania Trump’s high heels.

The First Lady’s shoe choice for the flight to Texas earlier this week was so “controversial” that presidential counselor and former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway had to go on air defending Melania Trump’s decision to wear stilettos on the plane, saying that people should show “some respect” and that “she can wear whatever she wants.”

Sensationalist Fake News

President Trump and the First Lady left the White House for Texas on Tuesday to view flood damage in and around Houston from Hurricane Harvey. While boarding the aircraft, the First Lady was spotted wearing high heels.

Not too surprising for a career model, right?

Apparently, it was a cardinal sin against American values, and the tabloid-obsessed media went into full attack mode.

Almost immediately following their departure, Politico‘s Annie Karni penned a near-1000 word article about her shoe choice and demanded in a since-deleted tweet that the White House release a statement condemning her choice of footwear for the short walk.

Politico’s playbook dedicated another four paragraphs to the shoes Wednesday morning. In addition, The New York Times, Washington Post, Vanity Fair and Vogue all ran editorials on the shoe choice as well.

How profound.

Strongly Rebuked 

In a TV interview with Fox and Friends, Kellyanne Conway came to Melania’s defense and absolutely trounced the media for making such a big fuss over the First Lady’s shoe choice. Conway said:

We saw what was in the president’s and the first lady’s hearts that day, not what was on their feet. It suggested to me that the left is really very worried that the president is successfully showing leadership and compassion and empathy and resolve and action.

She didn’t wear those shoes down in Texas, she wore them onto the plane.

This is what cracks me up about the feminists…they get upset if someone says you’re wearing a pretty dress or calls you honey. But they have judgement end on end.

Watch her full remarks here:

What we can gather from “Stilettogate” is clear: the mainstream media is always looking for reasons, no matter how small, to criticize the president and his family.

In this case, they couldn’t complain about Trump’s lack of compassion for the hurricane victims in Texas, so instead, they opted to attack his wife’s shoes.

This ever-growing habit of the media is reminiscent of a Bible verse which aptly describes the actions and behaviors of fools:

As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly. (Proverbs 26:11)

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