BREAKING: Top Democrat Busted In MURDER Scandal – City In Shock…

Lori Lightfoot is being faced with some SERIOUS questions from Americans who desperately need answers.

Not only won’t she give them the answers, she won’t even address the problem.

Despite being run by “the party of tolerance” for years and years and years, Chicago is one of the deadliest places in the world.

If Republicans were so evil, shouldn’t this be happening in a state they control?

But it’s not. It’s right there in Illinois, right in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s little town of Chicago.

The Democrat’s city saw TWENT-SEVEN people shot on the weekend of April ninth.

Six of them have already died from their wounds.

There have been 143 homocides in Lightfoot’s city in 2022 alone.

But sure, Republicans, who haven’t been near Chicago in a hundred years… THEY’RE THE PROBLEM.

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