BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Releases Bombshell – Joe Biden Furious

Fox News host Tucker Carlson released a bombshell exposing the real Joe Biden as something radically different from the “loving grandfather” that Biden pretends to be.

Carlson brought Biden’s grandfatherly call for unity after the election into question.

Carlson said in his Friday broadcast, “Holy smokes, yes. Let’s begin the work to heal, to unite, to come together as neighbors, to open her arms to the people around us. They are Americans, too. All of us live under God, we should be united.”

However, Carlson continued saying, “Before long, Biden was on TV comparing sitting U.S. senators to Nazis. Last week, as thousands of Trump supporters gathered in Washington and tens of millions more of them watched on television, Joe Biden made certain to remind everyone of them that they voted for a disgusting man, probably because they are disgusting, too.”

Carlson then called out Biden for his clear hypocrisy and set the record straight on who Biden really is. “Maybe you are not the loving grandfather dispensing wisdom in front of the fire, maybe that’s not the presidency we are actually getting. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised because the real Joe Biden has a tendency to scream at people who disagree with him.”

With Democrats controlling most of the government and Republicans with no real power, Americans can expect to see more of angry Grandpa Biden.

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