BREAKING NEWS: William Barr Just Made THE Decision – It’s Happening

Attorney General William Barr has just made the decision to release Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative report as soon as possible.

Sources close to Barr say that He is planning on making the announcement early Saturday evening. Sources also disclosed that the announcement “will hit what is on everyone’s minds — no parsing of words, no games.”

The source said this morning that “The Attorney General wants to get this out tonight.” However, although Barr intends to release the report today, sources say that “procedural hurdles” might get in the way of an impending announcement.

Democrats are frothing at the mouth for the full release of the report. The Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a complaint invoking the Freedom of Information Act to try to force Barr to disclose the complete report and all related documents.

Other Democrats have already decided to take matters into their own hands. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler issued a statement declaring that if the Department of Justice doesn’t release the whole report, he will subpoena parts of the report or Mueller himself to testify before the committee.

Although Democrats were certain that the Mueller investigation would unearth enough evidence to indict President Trump. However, as Fox News pointed out, “no Americans have been charged with improperly conspiring with Russia.”

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