BREAKING: Horrible Elizabeth Warren News – This Is Shocking

The Democrat primary is an absolute circus.

In what is horrible news for liberty-loving people everywhere, fake Native American and far left communist Elizabeth Warren is rising quickly in the polls.

Warren’s candidacy was once left for dead, particularly after she embarrassed herself by her claim of Native American ancestry – and then took a DNA test that showed only a miniscule native heritage, far less than the average American.

But now polls show her in third place, running just a bit behind Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, and far in front of young “stars” like Robert Francis O’Rourke and Kamala Harris. And she’s rising fast.

Most of the Democrats in the primary are running far to the left, but Warren is so radical she makes Lenin look like a conservative.

She supports abolishing the healthcare industry, taking savings out of people bank accounts to fund government programs, and most of the most absurd parts of the green new deal. She’s a radical redistributionist who has lived a life of privilege, but pretends she’s just a regular Joe like the rest of us.

Warren has no business being anywhere near the levers of power. Unfortunately, we can’t count on the Democrats to understand that.

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