BREAKING: Congress Says ‘NO’ – Trump Has Been…

House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi is delaying President Trump’s efforts to scrap NAFTA and replace it with the USMCA, and its hurting everyone.

The USMCA is a trade deal that fixes the problems that long plagued NAFTA. Trump has long demanded there be changes that prevent U.S. companies from exploiting cheaper labor in Mexico.

The USMCA stands to benefit the whole country, but also Canada and Mexico, to the tune of billions of dollars.

So Democrats have decided to delay implementing the USMCA, in favor of pursuing impeachment. Nancy Pelosi, of course, won’t admit this, instead citing technical issues with the bill.

But the reality is clear for all. Replacing NAFTA was a huge goal for President Trump and Democrats can’t allow him such a huge economic victory.

If President Trump can go into an election year riding a wave of economic accomplishments, he will sweep Democrats.

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