BREAKING: Biden Surrenders – He’s Backing Down

Former Vice President Joe Biden just surrendered and it was all caught on camera. He is backing down now — and it’s a move no one saw coming. The election has been completely changed.

According to Breitbart News, Biden has “refused to take any questions from reporters” for the second time in two weeks. He also hasn’t held a press conference since June 25. What is going on?

The likely answer is Democratic Party leaders are trying to keep Biden constrained to as little media facetime as possible, and, considering how he botches every appearance, it is difficult to blame them.

Even so, his recent refusals to answer questions are catching on and Americans have become suspicious. During a recent outing, for example, a reporter asked him to take questions and he just kept walking.

Biden also “visited his childhood home in Scranton, Pennsylvania,” and turned down press inquiries there. “Time for a few questions?” asked a reporter. But Biden responded, “No, no.”

Perhaps Democrats think this is a winning strategy since their candidate is currently leading President Donald Trump in national polling, but it isn’t going to last for long. People see the game now.

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