White House Will Not Pursue Kamala Harris ‘Birther’ Theory

If there was any doubt, the White House made it clear it will not be pushing any conspiracy theory about Kamala Harris’ birthplace or eligibility to be a vice presidential nominee.

“I think the president spoke to this yesterday,” said White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. “This is not something that we’re gonna pursue.”

But then Meadows dropped the hammer on CNN’s Tapper. “Actually, Jake, you and a number in the media, y’all spent more time on it than anybody in the White House has talking about this. I’m more concerned with Kamala Harris’s liberal ideas coming from San Francisco to the rest of America than I am where she was born or anything else.”

It’s a good thing politically for Trump and the White House to refrain from making much of this theory. This is especially since the graver danger to America is not the original of Harris’ birthplace but the reality of her ideals. She is running on the most liberal presidential platform in American history.

It is her philosophies that should frighten the voters, not where she was born.

To read more about Harris and the White House response to her birthplace, click here.

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