VP Pence: Soleimani was preparing attacks against the U.S.

Vice President Mike Pence confirmed what we had suspected: Qasem Soleimani was preparing imminent attacks against the United States when he was ordered killed by President Donald Trump.

This will come as sad news to Democrats, who have often questioned the Trump administration’s goals, even on national security matters, in hopes that they can win the next election.

Pence confirmed that the era when the United States stands idly by as Iran attacks us and our allies is over. There is now a price to be paid for being an anti-American terrorist who murders American soldiers.

Pence explained why not all of the intelligence about Soleimani had been revealed in an interview with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie.

“Some of that has to do with what’s called sources and methods, Savannah, that … if we were to share all of the intelligence, and in fact, some of the most compelling evidence that Qasem Soleimani was preparing an imminent attack against American forces and American personnel also represents some of the most sensitive intelligence that we have. It could compromise those sources and methods,” Pence said.

However, Pence sought to reassure viewers. “I can assure your viewers that those of us that have seen all the evidence, that saw the evidence in realtime know that President Trump made the right decision to take Qasem Soleimani off the battlefield. America is safer, the world is safer. Now, even after the Iranian response, no American casualties and Iran is standing down,” Pence continued.

Pence has a great point: the Iranians, realizing they would have been decimated in any war with the United States, appear to have intentionally not killed any Americans in “retaliatory” missile strikes.

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