Tucker Carlson To Democrats: It’s Over

Some people with with grace. Some win with guns, threats, insults, and tyranny.

It appears the Democrats have chosen the latter. Tucker Carlson, Fox News Channel host, is encouraging them to realize the election is over, accept their victory and be happy and move on.

“You won,” said Carlson. “Your party now has control of everything. By tomorrow afternoon, Donald Trump will be gone for good. You’ve got exactly what you wanted. You should be thrilled about that. You ought to be celebrating.”

However, it is not the case.

“They’re not celebrating,” noted Carlson “That’s the remarkable thing. No one in the Democratic Party seems happy tonight. They’re angrier than ever.”

Carlson pointed out that the victory, instead of bringing healing, if in fact bringing out even more vitriolic attack and hateful rhetoric from the left:

Instead of taking victory laps, they are plotting revenge against the people they just beat. They are thinking of new ways to injure and humiliate and degrade their political opponents, make it impossible for them to work again. Throw them in jail, destroy their lives.

It’s hard to describe how weird and strange and awful this is to watch. Imagine winning a tennis match in straight sets then immediately leaping over the net and smashing your opponent in the face with your racket. It wasn’t enough for you to win, you had to inflict physical pain. You couldn’t be happy until another human being screamed in agony.

What kind of person would do that? Well, the kind of people we’re watching now, the kind of people who are even more vicious when they win.

It is sad to see and we are only one day in.

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