Tucker Carlson Shows How Media Is Using Capitol Violence To Control Citizens

It’s not about Donald Trump at all. Not even a little bit.

The left’s hyperventilation and the media reaction to the incident at the U.S. Capitol is 100 percent about control over me and you as American citizens argued Tucker Carlson on a recent show.

After strongly condemning the violence (again), Tucker Carlson exposed what is really going on. “[The violence is] not all we’re against. We’re also against lying. Political propaganda is its own form of violence it. Destroys people’s minds. In the end, it enslaves them.”

Tucker said they are using the incident to take away what should be most precious to us:

They are using what happened last week to justify the most sweeping crackdown on civil liberties and free speech in the history of this country. Are you surprised they are doing that? You shouldn’t be surprised. We lived through something similar this summer. We have seen the template for what they will do and what they plan to do.

Tucker is right and Americans need to be on alert. This will get worse before it gets better.

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