Tucker Carlson Says Effort To Rewrite History Must Be Exposed

Tucker Carlson used his show to expose how the Democrats are framing the riots of January 6th to manipulate the American people.

“At this point, the truth doesn’t matter. What matters is, who gets to write the history of what happens?” asked Carlson. “Who gets to define what the truth is? They’re the ones who will control the future. That’s why they’re doing it. There’s a reason that within hours, Democrats began describing the riot as a racial attack.”

But despite the Democrats playing bait and switch with the facts, Carlson said the Republicans aren’t calling them out for it:

It was confusing to hear that at first, if you watched it and knew what happened, we were completely confused. Awful as it was, there was nothing racial about what happened that day. Claiming otherwise is absurd. It’s a fantasy. It’s a lie.

But no one pushed back against that lie, so they kept repeating it. Now, weeks later, it is the accepted version of what happened. Powerful lawmakers just say it from the House floor like it is fact, like it’s been proven in some objective inquiry and everyone knows it’s true.

Carson is right. If Americans don’t expose this lie for what it is, then law-abiding citizens will next on the target list and democracy will fall into rubble as those in power use their authority to round up all who disagree.

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