Tucker Carlson: People In Democrat Led Cities Are Not Better Off

The leading Democrat voices just stood in front of the nation during their national convention to proclaim how President Donald Trump is the worst and that they have all the answers, the hope, the integrity, and the better plan.

But Tucker Carlson isn’t buying it. In a recent show, Carlson asked how Democrats in leadership have actually faired in their cities and states.

Carlson said the Democrats are making the promise, “Vote for us, and things will get better.”

But tragically, they aren’t. And Carlson isn’t afraid to let the proof speak for itself.

“Put us in power, and your life will instantly improve,” said Carlson sarcastically mimicking the desperate Democrat plea. “That’s the promise they’re making.”

Carlson noted that the Democrats have been claiming this for a long time. “It’s also the promise they’ve been making for decades, and for decades, people have believed them. Democrats now control nearly every major population center in this country.”

But then he asked the key question, “So the question is, how are those places doing? Have things gotten better in say Chicago or Detroit or Baltimore, Gary or Birmingham? Or name a city? We’re not going to answer that. We’re going to leave the reporting on that to you. Just Google the name of any major American city and see how life is looking for the people who live in those places right now.”

To read more about Carlson’s comments, click here.

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