Tucker Carlson: George Soros Part Of Reason Why So Many People Are Being Raped…

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson is putting out the word on liberal godfather and political peddler of influence, George Soros.

“If you’re wondering why so many people are being robbed, raped and killed in American cities right now, George Soros is part of the reason for that,” noted Carlson. “Soros has funded the campaign of left-wing extremists in District Attorney races all over the country, in cities like Philadelphia, St. Louis, Chicago, Boston.”

Carlson then went on to tell a terrifying story:

Traditionally, a prosecutor’s job is to enforce the law, but Soros wanted rigid ideologues who would refuse to do that, and instead let murderers and rapists go free while allowing our society itself to degrade and collapse.

In Los Angeles, Soros won his biggest victory so far. In the most recent election, Soros backed a candidate for District Attorney called George Gascon. Soros spent more than $2 million on Gascon’s campaign. The 90-year- old Hungarian was Gascon’s single biggest donor by far. In the end, Gascon won.

What happened next was the entire point of the exercise. Gascon stopped enforcing the law in Los Angeles. Yesterday, we learned that he is now moving to dismiss all sentencing enhancements against an alleged double murderer, a man who is accused of murdering a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy called Joseph Solano, shooting him in the back of the head last year.

That would make — if this change goes through — that man, the man suspected of a double murder, including of a police officer eligible for parole, and that’s the point of it.

Do not think for one minute that the lefts is appalled at lawlessness. They are not.

Do not believe they are incensed at injustice. They are not.

They live by a single motivator: political power.

And they, like George Soros, are willing to put you and your loved ones on the literal chopping block to make it happen.

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