Tucker Carlson Explains What Is Really Going On With Trump Phone Call

The media and liberal elites are hyperventilating over the audio of a recent phone call between President Donald Trump and the Georgia Secretary of State where Trump is imploring the Secretary to do all he can to find more votes.

However, despite the heat Trump is taking for the call, Tucker Carlson has a different perspective.

No matter what you conclude about vote counting in Georgia, we’re willing to bet that you won’t decide Donald Trump’s latest phone call is the single most important thing happening in the world right now,” said Carlson. “Probably not even close.”

So why all the hullabaloo? Carlson explains that the story is a strategic distraction:

And yet CNN is claiming that it is. Why are they doing that? Well, that’s a good question and worth pondering. Maybe they’re trying to divert your attention again. But divert it from what? Well, here’s one guess.

Tomorrow, as we told you, there are two U.S. Senate elections in Georgia, and the outcome of those races will determine who controls the entire U.S. government.

If Democrats win both races, and at this point that is entirely possible; according to the polls, it’s likely — if that happens, the Democratic Party will run everything — everything in Washington from top to bottom, and they will be able to do whatever they want.

It’s hard to remember the last time that more power was at stake in a single day, and if you thought about that long enough, you might decide to get involved.

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