Tucker Carlson Confirms Democrat Election Conspiracy

Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson is ruffling some liberal feathers with his latest report about the political scheming surrounding the November elections.

“Democrats have decided to use our public health emergency as a political weapon to win the election,” said Carlson. “It turns out that is easier than trying to fix the country.”

In other words, there is a political incentive to keep fear and misinformation at an all time high so voters don’t feel free to analyze the truth. And Carlson knows what you know – that the coronavirus, while real and serious, is the perfect pawn in the hands of their nefarious conspiracy to use fear in order to gain political power.

“Terrified, unhappy populations want change and that’s welcome news to the party trying to take power, that’s why they are doing it,” continued Carlson.

To read the entire statement by Carlson, click here.

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