Tucker Carlson Blasts Big Tech Over Illegal Attack on Parler

Tucker Carlson is taking no prisoners when it comes to exposing the assault on free-speech app Parler by the big tech giants of Silicon Valley.

“Anyone who says I will use the power of the state of Google to make the other side shut up again is a threat to your freedom,” said Carlson referring to the coordinated attack against Parler, an app that markets itself as a home to free speech.

“By the way, this is also illegal, baldly illegal,” Carlson reminded his audience. “The coordination between these companies violates the most basic tenet of antitrust law. When monopolies conspire to suppress competition and hurt consumers, it is not even a close call, they are breaking the law. Period. And it doesn’t matter if no one in Washington is brave enough to say that out loud, it doesn’t make it less true, and that’s exactly what they’re doing and the evidence mounts.”

“This weekend, Amazon Facebook, Google and Apple, openly coordinated set their sights on the social media app, Parler and booted it off the internet, and not just them,” said Carlson. “According to CEO of Parler, John Matze, quote, “Every vendor from text message services to e-mail providers to our lawyers ditched us on the same day.” Whoa, imagine that.”

Now Carlson is no stranger to being attacked by social media giants and so his insider knowledge is particularly informative:

Parler committed no crimes. So why are they gone? Well, conservatives speak to each other on Parler and that’s dangerous. So they were banned. Yesterday, the left shut Parler down. They did it in a lot of different ways. But here’s the way that you should think about most deeply.

Amazon, the biggest retailer in the world also controls the largest collection of servers in the world. It is called Amazon Web Services. Now a huge percentage of the internet flows through Amazon servers, and that means everything both good and bad.

Digital Mozart recordings, and hardcore pornography, Bible verses and invoices for illegal shipments of fentanyl, all of that, and much more. In fact, almost everything is hosted on Amazon servers.

So until yesterday, no one imagined that Jeff Bezos could decide who gets to speak on the internet. That’s too much power for one man. No, can we agree? We thought the left would agree, they don’t. No one thought that Jeff Bezos could silence an entire political movement in an instant, simply because he thought they were expressing inconvenient views.

But last night, that’s exactly what Jeff Bezos did, and Parler went dark.

Make no mistake about it. This has far broader implications than Donald Trump. In the name of riot, that was small by 2020 standards, the left has moved against public opinion and free discourse in a way not seen ever in American history.

They are not concerned about actual insurrectionist because there are virtually none of them. No, the left wants you to be quiet. They want Ted Cruz banned from the market place of ideas. They would turn off Tucker Carlson tomorrow, and may if they can find the right button.

They see their politics as religion and will kill those that worship another God.

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