Trump’s Registration Gains In Key States Signal Bad News For Joe Biden

According to President Donald Trump’s campaign, they have seen and increase in voter registrations in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida.

The importance of winning those battleground states is admitted by both Democrats and Republicans.

The increase in registrations “spells trouble” for Joe Biden according to Fox News. It’s a sign of increased enthusiasm for the President and could mean for more years of Trump in the Oval Office.

“Joe Biden and the Democrat Party have a real voter-registration problem,” said Nick Trainer, the Trump 2020 director of battleground strategies. “Under President Trump’s leadership, more voters are registering as Republican across the country. Team Trump and the RNC [Republican National Committee] have been on the ground in key battleground states since 2016, closing voter registration gaps.”

This doesn’t mean the GOP is out performing the Democrats, but rather out performing last election’s numbers. Still, it’s a good sign for Donald Trump.

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