Trump winning historic levels of black voter approval

President Trump has done a lot of things that other presidents were either unwilling or unable to do. Now we can add another one to the list: historic levels of black voter approval.

From 1968 to 2004, Republican presidential nominees only got about 12 percent of the black vote. And in recent years, that number has been dwindling.

Yet two polls now have Trump at 34 percent approval with African Americans. These numbers, if they translate into votes, would be enough to seal the 2020 election for President Trump.

That’s right: amongst all the race-baiting and lies, Trump might actually be gaining significant ground with black voters in America. You might even say that the Democrats’ plan to divide and conquer the people has backfired, resulting in even more votes for Trump.

“Not surprisingly, all African Americans do not hate Trump!” said famous pollster, Jonathan Zogby.

Let’s be clear: not every person who approves of Trump will vote for him. But if even half of these voters do, it represents a historic victory for Trump and virtually guarantees that he will be president for another four years.

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