Trump orders rush vaccine development “Operation Warp Speed”

Although top experts predict that vaccine development for the Covid-19 virus may take up to 12-18 months, President Trump believes that it’s possible to speed the process up.

Bloomberg News reports:

The Trump administration is quietly organizing a Manhattan Project-style effort to drastically cut the time needed to develop a coronavirus vaccine, with a goal to have 100 million doses ready by year’s end, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Called “Operation Warp Speed,” the program will pull together private pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and the military to try to cut the development time for a vaccine by as much as eight months, one of the people said.

According to the article:

Last month, Trump directed Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar to speed development of a vaccine, and administration officials have been meeting on the effort for three to four weeks, one of the people said. A meeting on the project was scheduled at the White House on Wednesday.

A spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services, Michael Caputo, said the president refused to accept the timeline for standard vaccine development and encouraged a breakthrough process.

The project is an example of just how important Trump’s optimism is in a president during a time of crisis. It’s too early to know if the effort will be successful, but at least our leadership is trying to fix the crisis, rather than accepting it, or seeking to exploit it for political gain.

Leaders like former President Obama, who fatalistically accepted Chinese dominance and American economic decline, would likely have done the same with the virus. Trump is different.

There is a place for careful, measured, expectation-limiting expert advice in the Trump administration – Fauci has been a fixture of the response. But there is also a place for optimism, innovation, and ambitious efforts.

Between the two approaches, America has a fighting chance.

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