Trump gets big win for U.S. farmers in trade deal with China

President Donald Trump got a major win for his administration – and U.S. farmers – in his ongoing trade dispute with China.

On Thursday, China announced that it is lifting a ban on chicken imported from the United States. The 5-year ban will be lifted immediately.

The Associated Press cited the enormity of the deal. “The Chinese market looks especially promising for U.S. poultry producers because an outbreak of African swine fever has devastated a competing protein in China: pork,” the report read.

Stocks for U.S. chicken producers saw immediate gains as markets reacted to the news.

In October, Trump made a deal with the Chinese that saw China promise to purchase more than $40 billion of U.S. agricultural products each year. For comparison, the previous high-water mark for U.S. agricultural exports to China was a meager $25.5 billion in 2016. This represents a substantial increase, and one certain to be felt by U.S. farmers.

Best of all, it doesn’t just affect chicken farmers, but those who sell them feed, equipment, and their entire communities.

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