Trump energy adivser leaving White House rather than complying with Schiff subpoena

An international energy adviser, who House Democrats have pursued in order to get his testimony in the Ukraine case, has announced his resignation from his post at the White House.

Publicly, the reason is that Wells Griffith, who serves on the National Security Council, is joining a private company.

“He played a really big role in defining the president’s foreign energy policy; he’s now in an excellent position to implement it,” said another former advisor to Trump.

This is an important person in the Trump White House. Democrats really wanted to get his testimony. But that won’t be happening now.

Just last month, he told Democrats that he would not testify. When he did so, he cited White House counsel guidance against participation int he hearings.

This is yet another loss for Schiff and Democrats in the House who hope to use Trump officials’ testimony as a way to remove him from office.

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