Trump Campaign Dares Biden To Try To Win Texas

Although some polls are showing Texas to be ‘competitive’ despite the historical success of the Republican Party, President Donald Trump’s campaign is warning Joe Biden’s team to not get too optimistic.

“I would invite the Biden campaign to play in Texas,” said Bill Stepien, the campaign manager for Trump. “They should play hard, they should go after Texas really, really heavily — spend a lot of money in the Houston and Dallas media markets. I would invite them to do that. I’ll even buy their first ad.”

For sure, it would be a massive surprise for the Democrats to win Texas. According to the polls, it seems more possible this year than for decades. But that still seems like risky business for the Democrats to funnel precious funds into the state.

Therefore, the Trump team is daring the Democrats to make that move.

For sure, Texas, as well as Georgia and Arizona, are scary to the Republican Party. It would serve the Trump campaign well to shore up its base before November.

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