Trump approval rating surpasses Obama at same point in presidency

Democrats had hoped that their Russia hoax would be the thing that takes down Donald Trump. Then, they tried to dirty him up with the Ukraine hoax, supposing that this scandal would be the thing to finally tank his numbers, erode Republican support, and maybe even get him removed from office.

Boy, are they are disappointed. Donald Trump’s approval rating now sits at 45 percent, according to Gallup — 3 points higher than Barack Obama’s approval numbers at this point in his presidency.

You may recall that with a 42 percent approval rating in December of 2011, Obama went on to win reelection in November of the following year (2012). It would be reasonable to assume that Trump has a very good chance of doing the same.

There is good reason to believe that impeachment has actually backfired on Pelosi’s Democrats. Trump’s approval rating is up 6 points since the House began impeachment.

The good news for Trump, other than the obvious? The Senate trial hasn’t even started. The longer this drags out, the worse the problem is for Democrats.

All of this makes you wonder why Pelosi is holding up articles of impeachment and trying to drag this whole thing out. Impeachment is not becoming more popular — but President Trump sure is.

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