Transcripts show no ‘quid pro quo’ in Ukraine case

The newly-released transcript of Marie Yovanovitch shows what we already knew to be the case: Trump’s July 25 phone call to the Ukrainian president contained no quid pro quo, and Trump did not act improperly.

At question – whether Trump withheld Javelin missiles in an attempt to get an investigation into Biden. But testimony reveals that this is not what happened.

“Ambassador, there’s been, and Chairman Schiff kind of alluded to this, and when we start talking about Javelins and foreign aid, for the record, I want to make sure that we’re clear. The foreign aid that was has been reported as being held up, it doesn’t relate to Javelins, does it?” Rep. Meadows, a Republican, asked Yovanovitch.

“No. At least I’m not aware that it does,” replied Yovanovitch.

And there you have it. Democrats aren’t going to want to hear this, because they really thought they had Trump this time. But now people are going under oath and telling House panels that there was no quid pro quo.

All of this assumes, of course, that a quid pro quo in and of itself is bad. We hold up foreign aide all the time for countries that do not behave. If Ukraine has a culture of corruption and does nothing about it, why should U.S. taxpayers foot the bill?

It’s increasingly clear that the Democrats have nothing, and they’re grasping at straw. But something tells me that won’t stop them.

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