Top NFL QB Reverses Stance On Anthem, Will Now Stand

Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield announced he would kneel for the national anthem before games this season. But now, Mayfield has changed his mind and will not stand.

Mayfield credited his decision to the fact that it is not about standing or kneeling, but rather about “making real change:”

After watching Thursday’s game and also watching the Dolphins player’s [sic] video. It shows that it is not about who is standing or who is kneeling for the anthem. But instead, coming together and taking action to create real change. Also after reading many letters and messages over the past few weeks… I have been showed that a gesture such as kneeling will only create more division or discussion about the gesture, rather than be a solution towards our country’s problems at hand. With that being said, I am choosing to stand for both anthems to show respect, love, and unity to everybody involved.

I will respect all of my teammates no matter their decision. We have had meaningful discussions on what true change looks like, and that change takes all of us being together. My heart is even more passionate than it was months ago, due to the fact that we are not close to being where our country needs to be. I love this country, but these challenges and adversity are an opportunity for much needed change for issues that have been going on far too long. It is going to come down to how we handle adversity and taking advantage of our opportunities.

I am posting this now so it is not a discussion on game day. And so the discussion can continue to be about how to better our country, instead of divide us. Our team is ready to fight for our goals both on and off the field.

It will be interesting to see if other NFL stars follow suit.

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