Top Democrat orders Tulsi Gabbard to step down from House seat

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) was already facing an upstream battle in her attempt to win the Democrat nomination for President. Unfortunately for her, that just became even more difficult.

Former Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie, a fellow Democrat, has ordered Gabbard to step down from her House seat, reasoning that she is missing too many votes and voting “present,” as was the case with her votes on impeachment.

Abercrombie continued, “She votes ‘present,’ I think for presidential reasons — that’s up to her. She’s said what she did and why she did it, but it has to do with her presidential campaign. It has nothing to do with representing the people of Hawaii.”

Gabbard, who decided in October that she would not run for re-election to her seat, has a lot of leeway to say whatever she wants. That makes a lot of Democrats angry. In the new, Marxist Democrat Party, no dissent is allowed. Now a lot of Democrats are trying to destroy her, including Hillary Clinton, who questioned the war veteran’s loyalty to the United States of America.

Trump, perhaps realizing that Gabbard is the least crazy of the 2020 Democrats (that’s not saying much) has been very wise in strategically placing compliments that torpedo her with Democrat voters.

After the impeachment vote, Trump famously said, “She didn’t vote the other day,” and added, “I give her a lot of respect.”

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