Top Democrat Missing From Anti-Semitic Discussion

Republicans are calling out the wave of anti-semitic violence but Chuck Schumer’s voice is missing.

“Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is being criticized for his silence about antisemitic violence on the streets of New York that took place this week as pro-Palestinian demonstrators attacked pro-Israel counter-protesters and Jews nearby,” reports Breitbart News.

Although the violence has happened in New York, Schumer has gone dark. “Schumer has said nothing about the violence in his own state,” reports Breitbart.

Schumer has been more than willing to condemn other violence but when it comes to violence on Jewish people, he has stayed silent.

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12 Responses

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  5. Schumer is just one of the anti jewish democrats. Hope his state votes him out at the next election. He is not only anti jewish, he is also a racist of the first water and also a two faced jerk.

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