Tom Cotton: It’s Time To Make China Pay For Coronavirus

Senator Tom Cotton is ready to take aim at China for their role in the spread of Coronavirus.

“We should literally make China pay for the horror that they have inflicted on millions of Americans,” said Cotton at a recent event.

Cotton told the audience that he “proposed legislation with Sen. Blackburn and other senators to allow Americans harmed by the Wuhan coronavirus to sue Chinese officials in federal court.”

The legislation proposed by Cotton and Bill Hagerty, a Republican candidate for Senate, calls for a two pronged strategy to hold China accountable:

They should literally have to pay for the harm they have inflicted upon our citizens and their families and at our workplaces and colleges. Now, there are other ways to make China pay, as well, in terms of bringing our jobs and factories back to the United States.

To read more about Cotton’s legislation, click here.

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