The ‘second wave’ is beginning to hit countries that are reopening

The ‘second wave’ is almost inevitable – the only question is how bad it will be.

The early signs from areas that are reopening indicate that it might not be pretty. Spain, Germany, some areas of Japan, and most concerning, China, have all seen signs of a second wave.

The Star reports:

In China too – where the deadly bug originated – there have been signs of a feared “second wave” after lockdown restrictions were eased in recent weeks. A city of 11million was put on lockdown last week after a “silent super spreader” infected 70 people. And China has shut down gyms and swimming pools in Beijing this week amid fears of a fresh outbreak. It’s feared these actions show the Chinese authorities are battling a fresh spike in cases. But the true extent of the spread there is impossible to know for sure, with many questioning the validity of official figures.

From the looks of things, the second wave is a reality in China. And given the incubation period of the disease, we’ll only know that things are serious after it’s been incubating for weeks.

The Star notes that not all the news is bad:

In Austria, new cases have remained below 100 for nearly two weeks now since reopening some non-essential shops. The country plans to ease more restrictions throughout May, allowing more businesses and even hotels to reopen and abandoning restrictions on non-essential movement. And in Denmark, the number of new daily cases have stayed under 200 for almost a week, apart from a spike of 235 on April 25. It began lifting its restrictions on April 15 by reopening schools, before allowing more shops and hairdressers to reopen this week.

The reality is that we can’t stay locked down for years. Reopening is not optional. How painful it is, on the other hand, is yet to be seen.

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