The Media Fawned Over Joe Biden’s Speech. But Tucker Has an Important Question…

President Joe Biden spoke of unity and healing. The media gave rave reviews. The left wept with pent up tears of a Trump-isn’t-here-anymore flavor of hope.

But Tucker Carlson is asking a question about Biden’s speech that no one in the mainstream media wants you to think about:

Bringing America together, Biden said. Uniting our people, uniting our nation, to which we said as we watched it and we meant it when we did. Amen. Unity. That is precisely what this country needs more than it needs anything. We are all in this together, every single American and we have no choice but to hang together.

Let’s finally accept that we are one country and act like we are and make this a better place for everyone. Unity. No decent person opposes that.

If Joe Biden can bring unity to this country, he will be a legitimately great President. But there’s a catch. There always is a catch.

We’re going to bring America together, Joe Biden told us today, but not everyone is going to be included. Unity doesn’t mean every single American because not everyone who is born within our borders really is an American, some of us are beyond the pale of citizenship, morally. We may have American passports and birth certificates, but effectively, we are hostile foreigners, we are the enemy, we must be defeated.

Carlson then went on to show that Biden said he will wage war against “White Supremacy.” And who would argue with that? Racism is a horrible evil and sinful before God our creator.

But is there a chance the left’s definition of white supremacy has grown too large? Carlson says it is.

Carlson warned that the focus of power won’t on healing at all, but on redefining dissenters at racists and then waging an actual war against them.

The day is coming.

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