Texas Lowers The Boom On President Joe Biden

Lawmakers in the Lone Star State are gunning for President Joe Biden.

(For you leftist nitwits, that was a metaphor for ideologically opposing Biden.)

According to Fox News, “Texas GOP congressional members are calling on Attorney General Ken Paxton to file another lawsuit against the Biden Administration in an effort to block undocumented immigrants with coronavirus from entering the United States.”

“We write to urge you to protect the American people from a crisis at our southern border, which was manufactured by the Biden Administration and has led to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants entering our nation,” said Texas lawmakers wrote to Paxton. “These immigrants have not been tested for COVID-19 and pose an incredible threat to the health and safety of the American people.”

Fox News noted that the immigrations numbers at the border have “spiked since Biden took office. The number of UACs in custody has tripled in recent weeks, while there were more than 100,000 migrant encounters in February.”

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34 Responses

  1. Put them n BUSES as they Cross the BORDER and DROP THEM OFF IN WASHINGTON DC< DELAWARE and SAN FRANCISCO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Best idea I have heard in a long time. Also, they should put up a tent city for them on the grounds of the Capitol. Would work better than the fences and Concertina Wire! Who would want to walk into a Covid exposure City?

    2. Amen! Better yet, take them to Biden’s house and Pelosi house and shimmers house snd all the democRATS who approved this crap

  2. Everyone of those folks that have voted for this should sponsor a family in their house!!! That may change their mind. Unless it effects them personally it does not matter.

  3. Have you ever Read The Declaration of Independence? It States? He is at this
    Time transporting large armies of Foreign Mercenaries to complete works of
    Death. Desolation and Tyranny. Sounds like King Biden is at the Thrown. That is what you get When you allow for a Stolen Election. Remember The Democrats have been on this Road to Perdition for 60 years until Trump threw up the Roadblock and was giving the Power Back to “WE The People.” I know this to be fact I grew up in a different America. It is up yo you now in 2022.
    For the Republic which it Stands. God Bless America!

    1. At 85 Years, I never knew The Democrats were so wrong in their life of Politics. I lost respect for them during The Clintons years. Taught me never to put a Democrat in power.

  4. So you don’t like what I said. You must be a Democrat, I only spoke my disgust of the Democrats Policies. You are cutting of My Power of Free Speech. Shame on you.

  5. I cannot believe how and why folks would vote
    for any Democrats, this person who is in the office
    of President is not up to the greatest job in the world.
    He bumbles stumbles at a mere few minutes
    speaking with the help of monitors and paper notes.
    What a disgraceful display of a person barely
    able to take any questions,
    God Bless Donald Trump and the members who
    support him for next election …
    only if there is an United States Left ???

    1. That is my way of thinking, also. I thought the American ppl were lot smarter then that. That’s why i think the election was rig!!!! Why don’t they investigate this mess? I’m sure they will find the answer.

  6. I certainly hope Texas is very successful maybe the rest of the states around the world could try growing some balls and keep the illegals out of this country this is the United States not the home for every other a****** that comes walking in American citizens only and Biden can go f*** himself

  7. It is a disgrace and we have a man at the helm – who is totally incapable due to his severe disability –
    Dementia is a real issue —
    My Gid why does no one help this poor man –
    You are all using him –
    it is a disgrace

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