Teacher openly celebrates Rush Limbaugh’s cancer – this is who is teaching our children?

Should it surprise us that a teacher entrusted with shaping the minds of young people just made a vile announcement celebrating Rush Limbaugh’s cancer diagnosis? Perhaps not. The left has been infiltrating the schools for years.

Should we be outraged at the left’s lack of common decency and humanity? Absolutely.

The teacher, an individual named Travis Sarandos, sent the following message, as reported by The Mix:

“Rush Limbaugh absolutely should have to suffer from cancer,” Sarandos tweeted to his 1,323 followers. “It’s awesome that he’s dying, and hopefully, it is as quick as it is painful.”

The teacher in question certainly isn’t the first liberal to attack the ailing Limbaugh – in fact, many blue-check Twitter liberals were celebrating as soon as the announcement came out. But what makes this story so shocking is that it came not from a professional politician, but from an official paid by taxpayers to educate the children of the community.

The savage and dehumanizing gloating of the perpetually aggrieved extreme left is just one step away from outright violence.

After all, if they’re celebrating our deaths now, how far away are they from taking action?

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