Supreme Court urged to strike down NYC gun laws

When Donald Trump was elected in 2016, a big part of that was his promise to appoint conservatives — strict constitutionalists — to the United States Supreme Court.

The idea was to end the court’s constant attacks on freedom in our country and instead apply the constitution as it was written by the founders.

And that is exactly what Trump did. Because of him, two Supreme Court justices are working on cases right now, and the court was shifted significantly towards the right — and constitutional law.

Now, everyone knows it. And they’re getting bold. A group of Sheriffs has come together to urge the Supreme Court to overturn New York City’s liberal, restrictive gun laws that violate the second amendment.

The brief, filed by a group of pro-second amendment sheriffs, says the law that prevents the carrying of guns anywhere except to the shooting range is lacking in stated rationale – improving public safety – and should be struck down.

Things are changing a lot under President Trump. I for one am thankful that he has appointed Supreme Court justices who, it would appear, support the second amendment and gun rights.

Read the full story here.

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