Supreme Court Approves Donald Trump’s Choice Of Census Plan

President Donald Trump just received a huge victory from the Supreme Court after they approved his census plan.

The Court approved Donald Trump’s deputies to “complete the once-in-a-decade national census in time for a scheduled December 31 report to the President,” according to Breitbart News.

An ongoing lawsuit had requested the count be extended into 2021 but the Supreme Court rejected the suit.

The high court’s order on Tuesday, following an emergency request the Justice Department made last week, helps clear the way for President Trump to try to alter the count while in office by excluding unauthorized immigrants from the numbers used to reallocate congressional seats and Electoral College votes for the next 10 years.

if the commerce secretary, who oversees the bureau, were to present the new state counts to the White House by Dec. 31, that would ensure that even if Trump did not win reelection, he could attempt to carry out the unprecedented change he wants to make to who is counted when determining the reallocation of House seats.

To read more about Trump’s victory, click here.

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