Support for impeachment collapses as black, hispanic voters abandon Dems

Black voters — and to a lesser extent, hispanic voters — have been an important part of Democrats’ election strategy for years. If a Republican wins even 10 or 12 percent of black voters nationally, it becomes very difficult for Democrats to win.

That’s why a new poll just released has Democrats deeply concerned.

In October, black voters supported impeachment by 31 points and hispanic voters supported impeachment by 49 points.

But a new poll released by Emerson College shows that black Americans now oppose Trump’s impeachment, 38 to 37 percent. Hispanics only narrowly support impeachment by a 7-point margin.

When you combine this information with job approval numbers that seem to be between 15 and 30 percent depending on the poll you use, it’s pretty clear that Democrats are in trouble.

This sends clear warning signs for Democrats in 2020. And for Pelosi, it could mean the end of her reign as Speaker. Democrats hold a fairly narrow House majority. If these key constituencies abandon her – and it appears that they might – she will not be able to hold on to power.

She likely sees this as a betrayal. But the truth is that Democrats have betrayed Americans by refusing to acknowledge the results of the 2016 election and instead obsessively trying to remove Trump from office.

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