Steve Scalise: The Georgia Senate Race Is Everything To Republicans

As the Trump campaign continues to fight for an accurate count in the courts, many Republicans are turning their eyes on the two Senate seats in Georgia as a crucial battle to keep the progressive Democrat agenda from holding all branches of government.

Rep. Steve Scalise make it clear how vital the fight is when he said the “two seats are everything.” He also noted that “everything is on the line.”

“I think … everybody that looks at all of these planned shifts to the left the socialists that are fighting in the House to say that they are going to go back to open borders — I mean, even Joe Biden’s talking about stopping the building of the wall and literally just letting anybody into this country, regardless of what a legal process is — ought to recognize that the only way to stop any of this is in the United States Senate right now, and those two seats are everything,” said the House minority whip Scalise.

Scalise concluded by saying “it’s all on the line. …I hope the people of Georgia vote for both Senator Perdue and Senator Loeffler. Everything is on the line.”

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