‘Squad’ Member Rashida Tlaib Forced To Pay The Price Over Campaign Finance Violations

The radically liberal Democrat representatives known as “The Squad” are making headlines and not for a good reason.

Squad member Rashida Tlaib, a Democrat representative from Michigan, was just ordered to pay a large sum of money for campaign finance violations dating back to 2018.

The ruling establishes that Tlaib took over $10,000 dollars for personal use from her campaign coffers. She must now repay her campaign accounts.

“Based on its review, the Committee determined that Representative Tlaib did not comply with the letter of the relevant laws and regulations governing her receipt of salary payments from her Campaign,” said the committee’s spokesman, Rep. Ted Deutch in his official report.

In light of this, the Committee determined that no sanction was merited, provided Representative Tlaib returns the funds that she improperly received to her Campaign in full within a year of the date of this Report, with the understanding that she can make smaller payments over the course of the year,” said Deutch’s report.

To read more about Tlaib’s violation and punishment, click here.

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