Sentate votes against Schumer resolution to subpoena records in impeachment trial

Chuck Schumer and the Senate Democrats lost a string of votes on Tuesday — all along party lines. In the end, Schumer could not get Republicans to break, and by a 53 to 47 vote, his amendments were struck down, including one to subpoena administration records and officials.

With Chief Justice John Roberts presiding over the Senate, Senators voted down the amendments.

The first day of the trial was dominated by rules and procedure as Republicans and Democrats lay the groundwork for the rest of the trial, based on how business will be conducted.

In total, 11 amendments were tabled — all of them by party lines except for one, which drew one Republican vote. So far, so good for Trump: his impeachment dam is holding and Republicans are not siding with Democrats.

It would of course be foolish for Republicans to do so: the President enjoys 95 percent approval in the party, despite impeachment, and seems to only be growing stronger as time goes on.

Exactly what we knew would happen, is happening: Republicans are siding with the President. Democrats want to remove him. There is nowhere near the groundswell Democrats would need to remove Trump from office.

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