Sen. Tom Cotton Offers Bill To Revoke ‘Most Favored Nation’ Status From China

Senator Tom Cotton is a patriot who understands the real threats against this great nation. He just proved it again with his latest bill aimed at punishing China for its hostile actions against the United States.

During an interview on Fox News, Cotton observed “this week is the 20th anniversary of Joe Biden voting to give permanent most favored nation status to China. Just think about that — most favored nation status to a communist country.”

And Cotton isn’t wrong. Biden has been connected directly and indirectly to China for most of his 47 year political history.

“Over the last 20 years, that decision supercharged the loss of American manufacturing jobs,” noted Cotton. “And Joe Biden just defended it last week. That’s why I’m introducing legislation this week that would repeal permanent most favored nation status and require the president and the Congress to decide it annually.”

To read more about Biden’s support of a communist regime and Cotton’s actions to stop him, click here.

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