Sen. David Perdue: John Ossoff Is Connected To Chinese Communist Party

The Georgia Senatorial runoff election just hit point break.

Republican David Perdue stunned the state by claiming his Democrat opponent John Ossoff is “compromised” by the Chinese Communist Party.

“He is compromised,” said Perdue about Ossoff. “This is a scandal that is just beginning to now come out. We’ve been trying for months. Thank you guys for bringing it up. He’s got a real China problem for sure.”

But Perdue didn’t stop there.

Perdue noted that Ossoff “knowingly worked for the Chinese Communist Party for two years. He hid it from the primary voters in Georgia this year. He did not disclose it. He got caught. Then he finally disclosed it, and that’s a federal crime to not disclose it, by the way. He finally amended his filing and got caught again, then lied about it again.”

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