Second official to ‘blow the whistle’ against Trump

In a shocking turn of events, a second whistleblower is now ‘considering’ whether to come forward with more allegations about President Donald Trump’s dealings with the Ukrainians.

According to reports that have surfaced in the media, the second whistleblower is alleged to have direct information rather than secondhand reports. I’m taking these reports with a grain of salt, however. The story has changed a lot with regards to the first whistleblower already.

The media will no doubt take this at face value, not least of all because many in the media are in on this attempt to impeach the President. But we know the truth: when you have complaints trickling out at a pace that is perfect for a media storm, it’s clearly being coordinated.

And that is happening here. First, the first whistleblower came forward with secondhand information that Democrats immediately used to jump to conclusions that the evidence does not support and launch an impeachment inquiry. Now, a second whistleblower will say the same things while the media says it “adds credibility.” We should expect more to come forward, as well. As soon as a story starts to get stagnant, they will stir the pot again.

Here’s the truth: Democrats know it’s all made up. They know they can’t actually remove Trump. They wouldn’t mind that result, but it’s not their goal. Instead, they want to damage President Trump slowly and painfully in advance of the 2020 election.

In other words, our worst fears are being realized: Democrats know they can’t defeat President Trump without cheating. So they’re going to use government officials on government time (our tax dollars) to try to take this election away from President Trump and the people who support him.

You can read the full story here.

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