Schiff offers last minute “deal” in attempt to get witnesses

With the decision by Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) to vote against allowing witnesses, it seems likely that there will be no such questioning, and President Trump’s Senate trial could end as early as tomorrow.

An embarrassed Adam Schiff, facing certain defeat, is still throwing whatever he can come up with against the wall in the hopes that something sticks.

Now, he’s offering a “deal” to Senate Republicans — as if he is in any position to negotiate — that would limit the amount of time spent on witnesses.

”I will make an offer to opposing counsel, who says this will stretch on indefinitely if you decide to have a single witness. Let’s cabin the depositions to one week,” Schiff said.

“I think we can. I think we should. I think we must,” he continued.

Schiff’s begging and dealing has become embarrassing. It’s beneath the dignity of his office, as is his sham impeachment against President Trump.

His constituents — and the country — will remember this for a very long time.

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