Sarah Sanders files Trump 2020 candidate paperwork in Arkansas


Sarah Huckabee Sanders has made a lot of tough decisions over the years. After her father ran for the Republican nomination for president in 2016, she – and her father – made the decision to get behind the eventual nominee, Donald Trump. And Sarah served President Trump well.

She is still to this day known as one of his strongest, and most courageous, defenders. She’s even being considered as a possible candidate for Governor of Arkansas in 2022, when the current Governor is term-limited out.

But she was asked to do something very different this week – and she made the choice to support Trump again.

Sarah Sanders filed paperwork on behalf of President Trump to put him on the ballot in Arkansas in 2020.

She says the President is poised to win the home state of Bill Clinton handily in 2020.

“Even if the president doesn’t come to Arkansas, I still think he’ll win by 20 or 30 points. So, he doesn’t have to because this is a state that’s going to vote for Donald Trump, but we’d love to have him. We’d love to welcome him here, and I know if he came it would be a rock-star-like reception,” Sanders said.

In the midst of impeachment, President Trump has at least one ally he can truly count on in Sanders.

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