Ruth Bader Ginsburg wins $1 million social justice prize

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is being awarded the Berggruen Prize for Philosophy & Culture, according to recent media reports.

The 86-year-old justice won the prize on account of her commitment to far-left causes, including the controversial “social justice” movement. “Throughout her career, Ginsburg has used the law to advance ethical and philosophical principles of equality and human rights as basic tenets of the USA,” according to Berggruen Institute founder Nicolas Berggruen.

Ginsburg has championed leftist causes from social justice in matters of race to abortion rights. Now she’s won a $1 million award for her activism.

And while reports indicate she will donate her winnings to charity, there is something upsetting about a Supreme Court justice winning a cash reward for voting a certain way.

This is doubly true given her pattern of voting as an activist and more in line with changing policy – as is the job of Congress – rather than strictly interpreting the law according to the constitution.

Ginsburg has been in the news a lot lately due to her health. She is the oldest member of the court, and is currently dealing with her fourth cancer diagnosis.

Should Ginsburg be forced to step down, President Donald J. Trump would appoint her replacement.

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