Republican Senator Speaks Out On Impeachment – Not Going To Happen

Republican Senator Roy Blunt has bad news for those Trump-haters who are hoping for a second impeachment.

It isn’t going to happen.

“When Senator Cruz said he had a plan to put back in place a commission like the one formed in 1877, I said that wouldn’t happen,” said Blunt. “I wasn’t interested then or now in spending a lot of time on things that can’t happen just like the impeachment of the president to remove him from office clearly is not going to happen between now and the last day he is in office.

Blunt said Pelosi is more interested in shaming the Trump than helping the nation move forward. “As Nancy Pelosi just said and Jim Clyburn said earlier today, this is more about a long-term punishment of the president than trying to remove him from office,” said Blunt.

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