Republican Ken Buck: Democrats Will Be ‘Death Knell’ Of Economic Recovery

Colorado Republican Ken Buck had strong words about the future of America if left to the Democrat party. In fact, if the Democrats continue with their political games, Buck warned it “could be the death knell of our [economic] recovery.”

Buck told Breitbart News he is concerned that the Democrats are exploiting the pandemic in order to gain political advantages:

Yes, the Democrats are playing politics with the latest COVID relief package. I believe that Americans are tired of Pelosi and Schumer piling pork into legislation designed to help small businesses and working-class Americans. Voters will not support the Democrats responsible for delaying important legislation.

A crisis is certainly a time to come together and find solutions. Instead, it appears partisan warfare is at an all-time high.

“I’m telling you people are just tired of this,” said Buck. “They’re looking for leaders to stand up and take this issue on.”

To read more about Buck’s comments and Democrat games, click here.

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