Report: Netanyahu to be offered a pardon in exchange for retiring

Benjamin Netanyahu has a difficult decision to make — and depending on what he decides, it could be very bad news for the White House.

Everyone knows that Israeli’s prime minister is one of Trump’s closest allies. In a world of globalist liberals, Trump, Netanyahu, and a handful of others stand alone in defense of their countries and our shared values.

But Netanyahu has enemies at home, just like President Trump. And now he’s facing criminal charges. Unlike Trump, attacks on Netanyahu seem to be working. After two elections he has not been able to secure a parliamentary majority, and now criminal charges against him threaten to imprison him.

But Israel’s president is said to be offering Netanyahu a way out: resign from public life. In return, he’ll receive a pardon. This is similar to what happened to the late former President Richard M. Nixon when he resigned from the White House.

Netanyahu has served his country well. While I certainly want to see him fight on, no one could blame him for retiring and avoiding a long, expensive fight that could ultimately see him behind bars.

But knowing Netanyahu, he’s unlikely to take this deal. He’s faced up against Barack Obama and other liberals, as well as his country’s enemies, such as Iran.

Let’s hope he finds the courage to fight on and is able to be victorious. Anything less would be bad news for Israel as well as America – and for Donald Trump.

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